People have several reasons for doing volunteer work in Ghana. Many want to help others and some are looking for ways to be caught up or to make the globe a better place. The needs for activism, community building, and self-exploration can also be satisfied through volunteering. Connect with the Ghanaian community and be a part of the different cultures, activities, issues, etc which you may never experience otherwise. You have a reason, you feel strongly about and we will suggest you put your beliefs into action by volunteering your moment and efforts toward that cause. Some people volunteer formally through a profit, non-profit, or charity organization, while others volunteer informally by helping a sick neighbor or tutoring a friend.


People who do volunteer work in Ghana get first hand information about the problems facing Ghana like poverty, hunger, malnutrition and disease.Cedaku foundation of Ghana has developed a humanitarian services and assisting community.

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Community Development


    We make a living by what we get”. Your Gift Makes a Difference whether you are donating your time, talent, equipment or money to Cedaku foundation of Ghana; it is a very important decision in the lives of individuals and families. We want to make sure you’re supporting an organization that is going to make an impact in areas that are important to you.What we do at Cedaku foundation of Ghana is important not only for the community students we serve, nor student in the developing cities around town but for the future of our communities and the future of our world. Though on a shoestring budget, we have been able to make phenomenal strides to positively change lives in communities we work in.

We would like the opportunity to serve more students in many more communities around the world, but we need your help to do so. No gift is insignificant or insurmountable. We ask that when you and your family are making decisions on community giving, that you consider making a tax-deductible and recurring financial gift to Humanity and community Development Projects.  It is only then that we can partner to change a young person’s and others life for the better.

Help us build the Cedaku foundation of Ghana. We are looking for committed volunteers and community leaders who would like to train the youth, advocacy on hepatitis, Screening orphans and the aged as well as schools, both in the community and in the developing cities. This would allow us to expand our services to a much broader audience. There are no time restrictions for when you can volunteer or how long you can stay. Volunteering can be down also depending on your field of profession Cedaku foundation of Ghana has secured a partnership agreement with The Volta Regional Hospital. Ho Municipal Hospital and Ho Polyclinic to train Pre- Medical Students, Public Health Student for 4 weeks Named (Summer Pre- Med Training Ghana). Come one! Come Medical Teams!


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